Working on the OpenCPN project is one of my hobbies.

I am particularly interested in weather, climate, mathmatical algorithms and graphics. I hope my plugins can improve the usefulness of OpenCPN and encourage it's widespread use.

My engine-free Bristol 27 "Alexandra" as of January 2014 anchored in the Phillippines.

My most important work to OpenCPN includes

My plugins (along with many others) are available for download on

The source code to all of the plugins is available on github:

Plugins I have Authored (not all officially released)

I also worked on the grib and wmm plugins.

To improve development of these plugins as well as OpenCPN itself, please consider a donation. I have received several donations enabling me to order much needed electronics equipment! Thank you.

Sailing routes for 2011 - 2015.

Riding my homemade recumbant bicycle in Wellington, New Zealand 2012

Other ways to support include, feedback and testing, translations, and of course improvements or fixes.

I currently cannot afford the items on my wishlist:

If wish to contact me, may send email: seandepagnier at gmail dot com
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